Frontend Frameworks. Unboxing
July 18, 18:30 | EPAM HUB, EPAM HUB, 14-B Kudryashova str., Kyiv

Please, be advised we have very limited number of seats, and you make us really sad, when you register, book a seat, but do not show up at an event. So please value this opportunity :)
The engineering community.

We are the community of software engineers connected around JS-based stack of technologies. The main goal is to gather together people and share knowledge between them. We are going to deep dive into interesting areas of information technologies, development process, popular frameworks.

Frontend Frameworks. Unboxing: Today we have 3 major web frameworks. They are Angular, React, and Vue. However there are a lot of other frameworks that still might be useful. Who need them, why they were developed, what are their purpose? During this workshop we will take a look at other frameworks beside of TOP3 and will try to decide on wether they are relevant or not. So maybe when you start your new project you try something new.

18:30 - 19:00 Welcome coffee & networking
19:00 - 21:00 Frontend Frameworks. Unboxing
Speaker: Illia Abashkin, Lead Software Engineer @EPAM Ukraine
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