RxJS from scratch
August 21, 18:30 | EPAM HUB, EPAM HUB, 14-B Kudryashova str., Kyiv

Please, be advised we have very limited number of seats, and you make us really sad, when you register, book a seat, but do not show up at an event. So please value this opportunity :)
The engineering community.

We are the community of software engineers connected around JS-based stack of technologies. The main goal is to gather together people and share knowledge between them. We are going to deep dive into interesting areas of information technologies, development process, popular frameworks.

RxJS from scratch: Nowadays Rx has become a de facto industry standard. And while having rather huge (rich) toolset, the core concept is quite simple. At this lecture together we are going to implement a simple observable-observer pair to learn how RxJS works and why it works that way. In addition, we are going to create a couple of operators for our new shiny streams, just because we can. After this lecture you'll understand the difference between cold vs hot observables, why do we need to unsubscribe and what sharing streams actually means!

18:30 - 19:00 Welcome coffee & networking
19:00 - 20:20 RxJS from scratch
Speaker: Kostiantyn Palchyk, Senior Front-end Engineer

Kostia is a senior frontend engineer with 7 years of experience in JS. For the past three years he has been working on projects that rely and have RxJS at their heart. He's convinced that everything is a stream. Except particles. Particles sometimes are just particles. He has created thinkrx.io — a marble diagram playground and is an author of several articles on RxJS. He is passionate about visual programming, so be careful not to start that hour long conversation with him. Otherwise he's a nice guy :)
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