How to build open source project in 3 months
October 21th
17:00-19:00 (GMT+3)
language: Russian
Math.random(). The engineering community.
We are the community of software engineers connected around JS-based stack of technologies. The main goal is to gather together people and share knowledge between them. We are going to deep dive into interesting areas of information technologies, development process, popular frameworks
Two teams will describe their stories about the open-source projects they have been developing over the last three months. In the presentations, you will find the project descriptions, challenges that teams faced during development, technical solutions, development stories, and lessons learned.
Viktor Smirnov
Software Engineer @EPAM
Having five years of experience in JS, both in Front-end and Back-end, still hasn't figured out what is better. But should he?..
Viktoria Lysenko
Frontend Engineer @N-iX
Vika is a frontend engineer with 2 years experience. She believes that there are no unreachable tasks or goals, it is a matter of person's engagement in it.
Oleksiy Dubovyk
Senior Software Engineer @EPAM
I am a software engineer playing JavaScript. I am curious about tech puzzles, yet driven by human interaction.
Artem Svinin
Software Engineer @Playtech
I work as a frontend developer. I strive to work in the direction of creating a code that does not need to be explained. In my spare time I enjoy playing volleyball, skiing and rock climbing.
Vladyslav Huz
Software Engineer @EPAM
I am a frontend engineer with 2 years of experience in JS, still a student, and also heard something about Python and Kotlin.
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