Public interview for Senior JavaScript Developer
October 22th
18:00-20:00 (GMT+3)
language: English
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We are the community of software engineers connected around JS-based stack of technologies. The main goal is to gather together people and share knowledge between them. We are going to deep dive into interesting areas of information technologies, development process, popular frameworks
We invite you to the next webinar in public interview format! During the webinar Software Architect Martin Chaov will conduct interview with Senior Software Engineer Mark Shulhin. We will open the doors to our interview process you will be observers and listeners and get all interesting aspects of the hiring of senior developers. Also, you can ask questions to Mark and Martin after the interview.
The interviewer
Martin Chaov
Software Architect at DraftKings
Has rich experience in frontend and backend development on javascript based stack.
Mark Shulhin
Senior Software Engineer at EPAM
Javascript engineer, currently curious about react and its ecosystem. Mostly worked in the eCommerce domain, experienced in developing a component library. Interested in functional programming, ECMAScript standards, library development.
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