Public interview for Test Automation Engineer with JavaScript
May 27th
18:00 (GMT+3)
language: Russian
Math.random(). The engineering community.
We are the community of software engineers connected around JS-based stack of technologies. The main goal is to gather together people and share knowledge between them. We are going to deep dive into interesting areas of information technologies, development process, popular frameworks
We invite you to a webinar in the format of a public interview for Test Automation Engineer with JavaScript primary skill.
What is usually asked in the interview?
How to give the right answers?
All the answers will be shown on the interview!

Artem Ovcharenko
Lead Test Automation Engineer, ЕРАМ
Adept at JS/TS automation for Front-End and Back-End.
Curious about Leadership and People management skills development
Keen on learning and coaching.
Zoia Sharova
Senior Software Test automation engineer, ЕРАМ
6 years in test automation, UI automation, API automation
Danylo Romanov
Lead software test automation engineer, EPAM
6 years in test automation, primary skills - .NET and JavaScript. UI/API automation
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